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Great Friendships & Evangelizing with Spoons

Angie and I are fortunate to have friends we really trust in our lives.  Some of them are in this video.  Among them are Pete and Brandi Wilson.  Pete is the pastor of Cross Point Church.  He is wise beyond his years.  God is using him and the staff at Cross Point in so many ways to affect the community of west Nashville.

I believe God is and will continue to use Pete to further the Kingdom around the world.  He is married to a strong, wise, and incredibly funny woman, who I am grateful is good friends with my wife.  Enough kissing up.  Do I get a bigger mansion in heaven for saying that!!

Angie and I believe so much in the ministry at Cross Point, because we know the hearts of Pete and Brandi, Blake and Ally Bergstrom, and the other leaders in the church.  We are committed to Cross Points Vision.

We are so grateful for the relationships we have with them and others in our lives.  People we can connect with, be ourselves with, and be completely honest with.  People we can beat up on, step on their toes, and drag across the table!

I’ve always said, “if you are trying to share the gospel with someone never bring them to watch a church basketball league game (let alone have them play in one), never bring them to a snake handling service (I’ve done it, it doesn’t work), and never bring them to a competitive night of cards, playing spoons, especially with your pastor.

This video was taken this past Saturday at Pete and Brandi’s house.  Pete is narrating on how to play spoons!  Watch what Blake and good little baptist boy me do to him in order to win the spoon! In case you are wondering I was the final winner of this game!!

Over The Table

If you live in west Nashville and are looking for a church to be apart of please join us on Sunday at 8, 10:30, 11:45, or 6.  If you are in the Dickson area Cross Point services are at 9 and 11.  If you are in the Goodlettsville area services will be starting September 13th at 9:30 and 11.

And Pete, TMZ…bring it on baby!!  They could use a little more “Christian violence” on their show, not that I watch their show, or have ever seen it, or even know what it is!!  The SPOON is always worth it!!

Take care and happy card playing all you good Baptists!!  Ha Ha!!


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