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Compassion Dinner

Last night Angie and I met with about 20 other bloggers, artists, and Compassion staff for dinner.  Being that I have about 40 people following my blog, I fall into the tagging along with my wife category!! We got to see many old friends and made new ones. Among them were Shaun and Becky Groves, Pete and Brandi Wilson, Brad and Lisa Ruggles, Chris and Anne Jackson, Randy and Chris Elrod, Spence Smith, Ryan Detzel, Tad and Robin Dance, and Steve and Patricia Jones.

We ate at Saffire Restaurant in Franklin, TN. I had never eaten there before, but the food was incredible. If you’re ever in the Nashville area go there and order the Fried Artichokes! You will thank me.

It was so great to be around so many incredibly gifted people. People who are excellent and passionate about what they do. People whose faith is real and lived out in practical ways.  Many of these people have been on Compassion mission trips. Many are going for the first time in the next several months. I came away tonight excited for the “Church.” Excited for Compassion. It was inspiring to hear what God is doing in their lives.  I’m so excited about what my group Selah is going to get to be apart of with Compassion!

Click on their names and find out who they are and what they are up too.


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