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Day 2 El Salvador: Why I’m loving Compassion

Here are some pictures of our day today.

One of the most powerful experiences of the day was visiting a sponsored child’s home.  Today Allan, Amy, and I visited Jeffererson’s home.

Jefferson(10) and sister Jennet(4). He just found out today his chemo is not working

Jefferson has cancer in his throat glands.  Jefferson’s father left for the states 4 yrs ago.  Don’t know how much his dad is in his life.  Compassion came into his life 4 yrs ago.  His mother was in tears as she shared that the staff of Compassion is the reason she has hope.

Little girls eating lunch at the Compassion project

No great story to tell here.  The are just so cute I had to post it.  For many of these kids this meal will be the only one they eat all day.

She's wearing a sunflower hat my daughters picked out

more girls with sunflower hats my daughters got for them

whoever sponsors these two must wake up smiling every morning

Amy and Allan making Puppusas for the children. I know I spelled that wrong

Puppusas are a staple.  The are made out of corn flower, water, and oil.  Beans are placed in the center, and then they throw them in the pan.  They are soooooo goooood!

The kids performed songs in english for us

The two little guys, second row all the way on the left, sang at the top of their lungs!  Hilarious.

Can I bring him home angie??

Okay, I know after the church debacle in Haiti it’s probably not okay to take him home, but look at him:)

Here is an up and coming pastor

This young man was preaching about how Jesus is the answer to our problems.  How He is our hope.

These two guys got hold of my Iphone and took over 200 pictures!

These young men are brothers.  They sat on my lap during the presentation.  I showed them how to take pictures with my Iphone and that was it.  250 pictures later I got it back!!

This one is for all you sponsors out there. You funding going to good use!!

Some of the beautiful little girls who stole our hearts

It’s a bit blurry.  The girl in the violet dress to my left gave me hugs all day.  I have never been hugged in one day so much in my life.  These kids were so loving.

Another little girl who captured my heart. The one in the red shirt of course:)

Here are some suffering for Jesus pics.  After we were finished at the Project we stopped at a Coffee plantation.  Coffee is one of El Salvador’s largest exports.  This plantation is on top of a mountain.  They grow the coffee right there.  They have a restaurant and exotic birds. These pictures looked fine in the edit.  They don’t in the real blog.  I’ve tried to fix it several times and I’m giving up.

This Toucan was a complete ham.  He would hide in the ceiling of his cage, and as soon as you walked by him he would drop done and pose for you.

Allan, myself and Amy after an incredible day…

All pictures taken by Todd Smith’s Iphone(Keely’s would never look like these).  Some pictures taken by two small Compassion boys who will remain anonymous.



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