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How Old Will I be in Heaven?

This morning my daughter Abby asked how old she would be when she got to heaven?  Uuhh, well, ummm!!   I didn’t know, and told her so.  Whether we are the same age as when we die, 33yrs old (same as Jesus) or some other age, I don’t know.

Have your kids asked you that question?

What did you tell them?

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Pre-Order New Selah CD “You Deliver Me”

You Deliver Me

Hey everyone,

after almost 4 years we have a new CD, “You Deliver Me,” coming out August 25th!!  We are so excited about it!  When we started recording two years ago, it was to commemorate 10 years of music.  It’s a throw back to our first CD, Be Still My Soul, which was mostly piano/vocal, and hymns.

We started recording Be Still My Soul fathers day 1997.  We finished it in two weeks with a $2,000 budget.  We had borrowed some money from my mother, and Allan’s roommate Jason gave us a great deal on a studio.  It was suppose to be a one time independent CD.  We had no intention of doing it long term.  Nicol was signed to Curb Records as a solo artist and she gave a copy to the label.  When Mr. Curb heard it he called her the next day and said he would like to sign us as a trio!

We just started singing at churches which is what we’ve done most of our career.  We are so thankful to every pastor, music pastor, and promoter who would put in the effort and time to bring us in and allow us to share our music.  It’s incredible that  You Deliver Me will be our 6th release!  Not many artist get that opportunity!

This is the first full release with Amy Perry on it!  She is amazing!  She has been with us now for four years and we are so excited for everyone to hear her!

You Deliver Me includes:

Into My Heart/Fairest Lord Jesus, How Deep The Fathers Love, You Deliver Me, Hosanna, Standing On The Promises/Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, Beautiful Terrible Cross, The Lords Prayer, Unredeemed (Amy sings this beautifully, and I think it is such a powerful song), Down At the Cross, I Have Decided To Follow Jesus (my brother Jack and his wife Molly sing with me African style), Depth of Mercy, I Surrender All, God Be With You, and I Will Carry You (a song about my late daughter Audrey)

You can pre-order “You Deliver Me” now.  Just go here!  It comes with a 4 song EP and a 20 minute interview about the songs. Although you won’t receive the CD until August 25th, the 4 song EP/Interview will be mailed to you as soon as you order You Deliver Me!  All 4 songs are from the CD!

If you order 10 copies you will do your part in helping me save for my daughters college/wedding fund!!

Thank you for listening all these years,


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